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Kevin M. McGovern Family Center for Venture Development in the Life Sciences

The McGovern Center is a unit of Cornell University established to assist high-potential, early-stage Cornell life science spin-off companies—companies founded by inventors at the university’s Ithaca, Geneva, New York City, and Qatar campuses—in proving out their technologies, solidifying their management teams, strengthening their business plans, and obtaining investments to support further growth. The center is funded through Cornell University’s Research Division and NYSTAR’s Biotechnology Institute at Cornell. The center collaborates with community, regional, and national leaders to support the startup and development of life science businesses that can have a significant and sustainable impact on the economy.

The center’s incubation program may include residence in its incubator facility located in Weill Hall on the university’s Ithaca campus, which can simultaneously accommodate up to seven “wet lab” clients and four office clients.