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Cornell Center for Technology Licensing


In an increasingly competitive marketplace in which companies rely on new product ideas to maintain a competitive edge, university intellectual property is valuable. Cornell innovations are a rich source of intellectual property for entrepreneurs and industry partners looking for new opportunities. The Cornell Center for Technology Licensing (CTL) connects industry partners to these technological innovations created by Cornell researchers. Supporting faculty at Cornell’s main campus (Ithaca, New York), Cornell’s Geneva campus (Geneva, New York), Weill Cornell Medicine (New York City), and Cornell Tech (Roosevelt Island), CTL facilitates the commercialization of Cornell technologies. CTL secures the proper intellectual property rights protection and markets and licenses the technologies to businesses. CTL is committed to developing Cornell innovations into commercially and socially valuable products.

Cornell innovations play a critical role in product development across many industries. Companies from startups to the Fortune 500 license Cornell’s innovations. In keeping with Cornell’s land grant mission to boost the regional economy, CTL helps create new businesses based on the university’s innovations. CTL exposes Cornell technology ideas to worldwide venture capital and management talent, connecting local inventors and entrepreneurs to capital, which creates jobs and attracts investment to New York State.

CTL in Action

Technology transfer begins with building relationships. CTL professionals interact with Cornell faculty and administrators, patent counsel, industry representatives, entrepreneurs, investors, and government officials. Reflective of Cornell’s broad research endeavors, CTL manages inventions from a wide range of disciplines, including veterinary medicine, nanoscale engineering, chemistry, plant breeding, materials science, and medicine. CTL has licensed Cornell technologies to industry partners from all 50 states, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Central and South America. Cornell inventions are patented in more than 40 countries.