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Slooh, Inc. CTL

Internet Application

Slooh, Inc. provides online sharing of space photos and partners with Google Sky to map the universe and co-promote live astronomy. Slooh members have taken 2.4m photos of more than 40,000 celestial objects, and participated in numerous discoveries with leading astronomical institutions. The company's automated observatories develop celestial images in real time for broadcast to the internet. Their flagship observatory is situated on Mt. Teide in the Canary Islands, in partnership with the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands (IAC). Slooh's worldwide telescope broadcast network features partner observatories in Arizona, Japan, Hawaii, Cypress, Dubai, and more. Their free live broadcasts of asteroids, comets, transits, eclipses, and so forth feature narration by astronomy experts Bob Berman and Paul Cox and are syndicated to media outlets such as NBC, ABC, CNN, Fox News, National Geographic, Wired, The Weather Channel, and others.

Cornell Connection

The company's technology is licensed from Cornell University. The company's CEO is a Cornell alumnus.