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PicoLuz, LLC CTL

R&D: Nanophotonics

  • Products:
  • Thulium doped fiber amplifiers
  • Ultrafast temporal magnifier

PicoLuz, LLC is pioneering the commercialization of ultrafast optical signal processing systems based on time lens technology. Temporal imaging systems based on time lens enable compression, expansion, inversion, or Fourier-transformation of optical waveforms. Time lens technology benefits from broadband and power-efficient four-wave mixing in dispersion engineered waveguides and is capable of processing information with bandwidths beyond 1 THz. The company's first product, the ultrafast temporal magnifier, realizes the simplest form of time lens–based temporal processing. This system enables stretching optical waveforms in time by very large factors (> 500) such that they can be detected and characterized using standard photo-detectors and oscilloscopes. One of the unique advantages offered by time lens systems is their capability for single-shot processing, which allows for characterizing non-repetitive waveforms.

Cornell Connection

The company's scientific founders are Cornell professors, and the foundational technology is licensed from Cornell University.