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Kphotonics, LLC CTL

R&D: Educational Products

  • Products:
  • Amplified Compact Femtosecond fiber laser
  • Mode-Locked fiber laser engine
  • Compact turn-key Femtosecond Fiber Oscillator
  • Educational Ultrafast fiber laser kit
  • Linearly Polarized Femtosecond fiber lasers

Kphotonics, LLC develops experimental kits for educational purposes in the area of ultrafast laser physics and applications. Their innovative technology optimizes fiber laser performance and makes femtosecond fiber lasers much more compact and affordable. The company also provides low-cost ultrafast fiber lasers for research and industry. Kphotonics aims to provide mode-locked fiber lasers to every classroom where there is a need.

Cornell Connection

The company's foundational technology is licensed from Cornell University.