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HµREL Corporation CTL

R&D: Bioanalytic Devices

  • Products:
  • HµRELflow™
  • HµRELstatic™

HµREL Corporation develops bioanalytic devices that are used in pharmaceutical development and industrial and consumer product safety testing. A HµREL® is a microfluidic circuit that models real-time protein binding, metabolism, and extraction in the liver. These devices can reveal interactions among multiple tissue types and one or more pharmacologic compounds. HµRELs provide drug companies with data early in the preclinical phase so they can make corrections before undertaking animal studies. HµRELs can save one-eighth of the cost of bringing a drug to market.

Cornell Connection

A faculty member from Cornell’s Meinig School of Biomedical Engineering developed the HµREL. The company's foundational technology is licensed from Cornell University.