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CycloPure, Inc. CTL

Water Treatment

  • Products:
  • CP16 Broad spectrum formula
  • CP14-1 PFOA Formula

CycloPure, Inc. develops effective, cost-efficient, and sustainable solutions that address the global problem of contamination from pollutants made by industrial processes, agriculture, municipal waste, and other human activities. The company has developed high surface area cyclodextrin polymers that rapidly and safely remove micropollutants and other contaminants from water. In addition, CycloPure works with industry leaders to commercialize formulations for application in functionalized fabrics (embedded textiles that provide adsorbent barriers against VOCs and undesirable odors), and tools for separation and monitoring. The company works with commercial partners to bring their solutions to market and achieve broad distribution.

Cornell Connection

A previous professor of Cornell University is cofounder and Chief Scientific Officer at CycloPure. The company's foundational technology is licensed from Cornell University.