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Computational Textiles, Inc.

Textile Manufacturing and Engineering

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Computational Textiles, Inc. develops software that is a web application and manufacturing process—enabling anyone to transform design ideas into intricately patterned woven cloth. The company provides the textile manufacturing industry with high-quality 3D-rendered previews of fabrics before they are produced, shortening the formerly slow and expensive process of developing new textile products. Clientele range from textile and costume designers to furniture makers to advertising companies to architecture firms. Computational Textiles aims to improve access to textile manufacturing while strengthening the industry as a whole through renewed interest in novel design ideas and applications.

Cornell Connection

Computational Textiles, Inc. was cofounded by a Cornell Computer Science (CS) Professor and Rhode Island School of Design Associate Professor. A former Cornell CS PhD Student is a consulting developer.  A Cornell CS Professor and a former CS Professor are members of the Board of Advisors. Underlying code and processes are licensed and administered by Cornell's Center for Technology Licensing.