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BioWorks, Inc.

Disease Control; Insect Control; Plant Nutrition Products

  • Products:
  • RootShield; RootShield PLUS+; RootShield WP
  • BotryStop
  • MilStop
  • BotaniGard; BotaniGard MAXX; BotaniGard 22WP; BotaniGard ES
  • Mycotrol
  • Molt-X; SuffOil-X
  • NemaShield; ON-Gard; Verdanta

The purpose of BioWorks, Inc. is to inspire change because how you grow matters. The company focuses on providing environmentally responsible, safe, and effective products and programs for managing plant diseases, pests, and nutrition. BioWorks provides knowledge and leadership to their distribution partners and growers. For more than 20 years, they have helped customers in the horticulture, specialty agriculture, and turf markets to operate as responsible stewards of their products. Together with BioWorks, customers are enhancing conventional programs as well as developing pest control and plant health programs.

Cornell Connection

BioWorks’ founding inventions were created by a faculty member at Cornell’s Geneva campus. The company’s primary products were based on research originally licensed from Cornell.