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Company Name Location Sector CTL New
3DBio Therapeutics New York, NY R&D: Biomedical CTL New
Achronix Semiconductor Corporation Santa Clara, CA Semiconductors CTL
Acuamark Diagnostics, Inc. New York, NY Early Detection Molecular Diagnostics CTL
ADC USA, Inc. Lansing, NY R&D: Engineering Solutions
Advanced Plastic and Material Testing, Inc. Ithaca, NY Materials Testing and Failure Analysis
Advion, Inc. Ithaca, NY Mass Spectrometry and Synthesis Solutions for Life Sciences
AffyImmune Therapeutics, Inc. Natick, MA Newton, MA R&D: Biopharmaceuticals CTL
Agave BioSystems Ithaca, NY R&D: Biotechnology
Agricultural Modeling and Training Systems, LLC Groton, NY Agricultural Software Development and Training CTL
Agro Research International Sorrento, FL Geneva, NY Agriculture
Agronomic Technology Corporation Tampa, FL Software: Agriculture CTL
AirFlow Catalyst Systems, Inc. Wayland, NY Diesel Emissions and Catalytic Coatings
Airy3D, Inc. Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2T3B2 Computer Software CTL New
Alcyone LifeSciences, Inc. Lowell, MA R&D: Biopharmaceuticals CTL
Androvia LifeSciences New York, NY Mountainside, NJ R&D: Male Infertility CTL New
Angiocrine Bioscience, Inc. San Diego, CA R&D: Biotechnology CTL
Annapurna Therapeutics, Ltd. Menlo Park, CA Gene Therapy CTL
ArcScan, Inc. Golden, CO R&D: Ophthalmic Medical Devices CTL
ATC-NY Ithaca, NY Services and Products Development
Autodesk, Inc. Ithaca, NY San Rafael, CA Technical and System Software Publishing
Ava Labs, inc. Brooklyn, NY Computer Software CTL New
Bactana Animal Health Ithaca, NY Animal Products CTL
Bigwood Systems, Inc. Ithaca, NY Computer Software and services for the Utility Sector
Bio Nexus, Ltd. Brooktondale, NY R&D: Nutritional Supplements
Bionic Sight, LLC New York, NY R&D: Medical Devices CTL
Biotia New York, NY Healthcare
BioWorks, Inc. Victor, NY Disease Control; Insect Control; Plant Nutrition Products
Bodi Energy Ithaca, NY R&D: Nanomaterials CTL
BUILDlab Dryden, NY Architectural Design, Construction Services, Energy Analysis
BZL Biologics, LLC New York, NY R&D: Pharmaceuticals CTL
Capsulated Systems, Inc. Ithaca, NY Microencapsulation R&D and Manufacturing
CBORD Group, Inc. Ithaca, NY Software and Hardware Provider
CEP Biotech, Inc. Miama, FL R&D: Chemical Reagents CTL
Cheribundi, Inc. Geneva, NY Kingwood, TX Food Manufacturing
Claritas, Inc. Ithaca, NY Marketing Consulting
Computational Textiles, Inc. Little Compton, RI Textile Manufacturing and Engineering
Conamix, Inc. Ithaca, NY Battery Materials CTL
Concept Systems, Inc. Ithaca, NY Management Consulting and Software Publishing
Covance Food Solutions Madison, WI Ithaca, NY R&D: Food
Crunch Time Apple Growers Wolcott, NY Apple Marketing CTL
Cummins Nursery Ithaca, NY Agricultural Production
CycloPure, Inc. Encinitas, CA Water Treatment CTL
Data Description, Inc. Ithaca, NY Software Publishing: Data Analysis, Multimedia Courseware
Databound Healthcare Solutions Ithaca, NY Hospital Revenue Cycle Automation Software and Services
DatapointLabs, LLC Ithaca, NY Engineering/Technology
DATU, Inc. Geneva, NY Analytical Laboratory Instrument Manufacturing
e2e Materials, Inc. Ithaca, NY Materials R&D and Manufacturing
Ecolectro, Inc. Ithaca, NY Advanced Materials and Energy CTL
Elucida Oncology, Inc. New York, NY Biotechnology: Oncology CTL
Embark Veterinary, Inc. Austin, TX Canine Genetics CTL
Environmental Associates, Ltd. Ithaca, NY Environmental Testing
Esper Biosciences, Inc. Ithaca, NY Biotechnology CTL
Etron, Inc. Groton, NY Farm Computer Control Systems R&D and Manufacturing
Evaporated Metal Films, Inc. Ithaca, NY Rochester, NY Optical Coatings and Components R&D and Manufacturing
Exotanium, Inc. Ithaca, NY Computer Software New
Farther Farms, Inc. Rochester, NY Food Processing Technology CTL New
FERA Animal Health, LLC Dryden, NY Animal Health CTL
Fesarius Therapeutics, Inc. Brooklyn, NY Medical Devices: Tissue Engineering CTL
Finger Lakes Wine Alliance Geneva, NY Marketing
FloraPulse Company Davis, CA Agriculture CTL New
Fracture Analysis Consultants, Inc. Ithaca, NY Engineering Services and Software
Fusion Sourcing Group, Inc. Ithaca, NY Electronic Sales: Manufacturers’ Representative
Genex Cooperative, Inc. Ithaca, NY Shawano, WI Cattle Breeding Services
GenVec, Inc. Gaithersburg, MD R&D: Biopharmaceuticals CTL
Glycobia, Inc. Ithaca, NY Immunotherapy CTL
GNS Healthcare, Inc. Cambridge, MA Data Analytics CTL
Grainful Ithaca, NY Food Manufacturing and Sales
GrammaTech, Inc. Ithaca, NY Computer Software
Grow New York, NY Personal Development Platform New
H & I Agritech, Inc. Ithaca, NY R&D: Agricultural
Halo Labs Philadelphia, PA Pharmaceutical Instrumentation CTL
Halomine, Inc. Ithaca, NY Antimicrobial Coating Technology CTL New
Harrick Plasma, Inc. Ithaca, NY R&D: Plasma Surface Treatment Instruments
HemoGenyx, LLC Brooklyn, NY Biotechnology: Pharmaceuticals CTL
HµREL Corporation North Brunswick, NJ R&D: Bioanalytic Devices CTL
iFyber, LLC Ithaca, NY Contract Research
Íko Systems Ithaca, NY Agriculture; Consumer Electronics
Impact-Echo Instruments, LLC Cortland, NY Nondestructive Concrete and Masonry Testing
IMR Test Labs Lansing, NY Materials Testing Laboratories
INCODEMA, Inc. Ithaca, NY Manufacturing: Sheet Metal Rapid Prototypes
Incodema3D, LLC Freeville, NY Additive Manufacturing
Indian Milk & Honey Company Freeville, NY Food Manufacturing
Innovative Dynamics, Inc. Ithaca, NY R&D: Transportation Equipment
Insights International, Inc. Ithaca, NY New York, NY Video and Media Production
International Climbing Machines Ithaca, NY Robotic Systems Manufacturing and Sales
Ionica Sciences Ithaca, NY R&D: Biotechnology
KensaGroup, LLC Ithaca, NY Technology Commercialization and Investment
Kionix, Inc. Ithaca, NY MEMS Manufacturing
Kphotonics, LLC Tucson, AZ R&D: Educational Products CTL
Lionano, Inc. Woburn, MA R&D: Battery Manufacturing CTL
Lucerna, Inc. Brooklyn, NY R&D: Biotechnology CTL
Matereality, LLC Ithaca, NY Data Management Systems and Services
MCCI Ithaca, NY New York, NY R&D: Computer Systems Design
Metabolon, Inc. Morrisville, NC Health Technology CTL
MetaStat, Inc. Boston, MA R&D: Biotechnology CTL
MicroBios, Inc. Ithaca, NY R&D: Biotechnology
MiTeGen, LLC Ithaca, NY Microfabricated Tools R&D and Manufacturing CTL
Multiwire Laboratories, Ltd. Ithaca, NY Laboratory Equipment R&D and Manufacturing
Nature Source Improved Plants, LLC Ithaca, NY Tapachula, Chiapas Plant Breeding Services and Plant Production
NOHMs Technologies, Inc. Rochester, NY Energy Storage CTL
Novomer, Inc. Boston, MA Rochester, NY R&D: Specialty Chemicals CTL
Nutrimed Biotech Ithaca, NY R&D: Biophysics and Physiological Sciences
Ongweoweh Corporation Ithaca, NY Pallet and Packaging Management
OptiGen, LLC Ithaca, NY Veterinary Testing Laboratory CTL
Oratel Diagnostics, LLC Hammondsport, NY R&D: Healthcare Diagnostics
Orthogonal, Inc. Rochester, NY Specialty Chemicals CTL
Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc. Menlo Park, CA R&D: Biosciences CTL
Palisade Company, LLC Ithaca, NY Software Publishing
PhotoSynthesis Productions, LLC Ithaca, NY Motion Picture and Video Production
PicoLuz, LLC Jessup, MD R&D: Nanophotonics CTL
Planet Kidizen, Inc. Ithaca, NY Agricultural Education; Organic Juices
Porous Materials, Inc. Ithaca, NY Analytical Laboratory Instrument Manufacturing
Prendismo Ithaca, NY Internet Media CTL
Primet Precision Materials, Inc. Ithaca, NY R&D: Advanced Materials
ReConnectNeuro, LLC Clinton, NY Somers, CT Medical Devices CTL
Renerva, LLC Pittsburg, PA Ithaca, NY Medical Devices New
Repairogen Ithaca, NY Consumer Goods CTL
Rheonix, Inc. Ithaca, NY Healthcare Diagnostics
Rosie Applications, Inc. Ithaca, NY Technology
RP Solutions, Inc. Ithaca, NY Software
SafetyStratus, Inc. Brooktondale, NY Computer Software CTL
Salute New York, NY Cloud-Based Risk Management CTL
Seraph Robotics, Inc. Ithaca, NY Robotics: Additive Manufacturing
Slooh, Inc. Washington, CT Internet Application CTL
Smith Marketing Services, LLC Ithaca, NY Marketing Services
Standard Hydrogen Corporation Ithaca, NY Hydrogen filling stations
Stealth BioTherapeutics, Inc. Newton, MA R&D: Pharmaceuticals CTL
Stony Brook WholeHeartedFoods Geneva, NY Food Manufacturing and Sales
Symflor Paris, France Life Sciences: Microbiology and Microbiome CTL
TeraPore Technologies, Inc. San Francisco, CA R&D: Biotechnology CTL
Tetra Tech Architects & Engineers Ithaca, NY Pasadena, CA Architecture and Engineering
Tetragenetics, Inc. Arlington, MA R&D: Biotechnology CTL
The Mode Group San Francisco, CA Computer Networking Services CTL
Transonic Systems, Inc. Ithaca, NY R&D: Surgical and Medical Instruments
Vector Magnetics, LLC Ithaca, NY Directional Drilling Instruments and Services
Vergason Technology, Inc. Van Etten, NY Commercial, Industrial, Medical
VerNx Biotechnology Southbank, Melbourne Vic 3066, Australia R&D: Biotechnology CTL
Versatope Therapeutics, Inc. Lowell, MA Biotechnology CTL New
Vertical Access, LLC Ithaca, NY New York, NY Architecture and Engineering
Vet-Aire, Inc. Ithaca, NY Veterinary Device Manufacturing CTL
VitaScan Ithaca, NY Biotechnology CTL
Wicked Device, LLC Ithaca, NY Electrical Engineering and System Integration
Widetronix, Inc. Ithaca, NY Electronics Device Manufacturing CTL
Xallent, LLC Ithaca, NY R&D: Semiconductor Devices CTL
XyloCor Therapeutics, Inc. Newtown Square, PA Biopharmaceuticals: Cardiovascular Disease/Gene Therapy CTL
ZYMtronix, Inc. Ithaca, NY R&D: Biotechnology CTL